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Friday Jan 31st 2014, Surfing in Costa Rica today was excellent! Very nice and clean conditions at the beach break, that was hollow and barreling with the low tide. Waves were head high with some bigger sets and there were a few stand-up tube rides at the peak upfront Blue Surf Sanctuary. Surf worked perfect from dawn till noon, when onshore wind started blowing. Afternoon session was fun, but a bit choppy.

Saturday Feb 1 st 2014, Excellent surfing in Costa Rica this morning down at Playa Hermosa. Waves were just perfect, like cut out from a magazine cover. A-frames at the beach break and the point in the north end was firing spray spitting barrels. Lots of tube rides and steep playful faces. Conditions very super clean and glassy. Waves were on the head high range. Strong onshore wind moved in at noon and spoiled the conditions for the rest of the day. Everybody looking forward to the incoming SW swell for tomorrow!

Monday Feb 3rd 2014, Surfing in Costa Rica was good today. Waves dropped in size and were in the waist to chest high range. Conditions were super glassy and clean. Air was still and sky was cloudy, which is rare at this time of the year. There were some fun rides at the peak upfront Blue Surf Sanctuary and it was much better early, at dawn, when the tide was higher and the waves were more open.

Tuesday Feb 4th 2014. Surfing in Costa Rica was very good today. Very clean and glassy conditions lasted almost all day long. Waves were in the waist to chest high range and opening. Definitely surf was better with the high tide, both in the early morning and in the late afternoon. There were many very fun rides at the point break in front Blue Surf.

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