Santa Teresa Surf Report

Surf Conditions from Santa Teresa Costa Rica

Santa Teresa Surf


Surfing Santa Teresa

Enjoying the Santa Teresa Surf

Tuesday February 11th 2014. Fair surf today in santa Teresa beach. Conditions were super clean in the morning, and water was clear and warm. Waves only on the knee to waist high range were not very powerful but still fun on a buoyant board. Body surfing was the best choice today to enjoy the Santa Teresa Surf. Weather sunny and hot and another beautiful dry season day!

Blue Surf School

Blue Surf School

Monday Feb 10th 2014. Surf was fair this morning at Santa Teresa. Waves were small, perhaps on the knee to waist high range and conditions clean and mellow. Water was warm and clear and there were some fun rides at the peak upfront Blue Surf Sanctuary. It was much better on a longboard or any more buoyant surfboard. Afternoon got pretty spoiled by the midday onshore winds and surf was messy, unorganized and closing out… nice sunset though!

Santa Terea Surf

Santa Terea Surf

Saturday Feb 8th 2014. Very nice weather and fun surf today in playa santa Teresa. New SSW swell started to fill in and waves were in the waist to shoulder high range, with some sporadic bigger sets. Conditions were clean in the morning, but many close outs. A bit of onshore wind at noon and surf choppy in the afternoon but good again by sunset.

Santa Teresa Surfing School

Blue Surf Adventures Surfing School

Friday Feb 7th 2014, The Santa Teresa surf was small today. Morning conditions were nice and clean, and there were some fun rides rolling in at the peak upfront Blue Surf Sanctuary. Waves were in the knee to waist high range and weak. Afternoon was pretty spoiled by the wind that started blowing onshore at noon, and conditions were a bit choppy and messy. New SSW swell starts to fill in tonight, and we might see some bigger sets tomorrow, especially in the afternoon.



Thursday Feb 6th 2014, The Santa Teresa surf was good today. Waves were on the knee to waist high range and continue to get small as old swell eases. However, conditions were beautiful and weather a bit overcast in the morning keeping it from getting too hot. There were many fun rides at the peak upfront our surf camp. Perhaps it was better for longboarding especially during the high tide.

Santa Teresa surfing School

Santa Teresa surfing School

Wednesday Feb 5th 2014, Good surf in Santa Teresa today. Swell fading and waves were on the waist to chest high range at the most exposed breaks. Clean conditions, no wind and mostly sunny skies. Water was super clear and it surfing felt like flying a few feet over the bottom. Both morning and afternoon sessions were fun and there were some very nice rides today in the Santa Teresa surf.

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