Santa Teresa Surf Report

Surf Conditions from Santa Teresa Costa Rica

Santa Teresa Surf

This is Toro from Blue Surf Adventures with your Santa Teresa Surf Report for this week May 16th /May 22nd. This is the surf report for Santa Teresa and nearby breaks Playa Hermosa, Playa Carmen and Mal Pais, located in the South Nicoya Peninsula in the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.

Surf Santa Teresa in the Green Season

Surf Santa Teresa in the Green Season

In Santa Teresa surf has been really very good this past week. Waves were ranging the shoulder to head high size. Sets were reaching a few feet overhead at standout breaks when the swell peaked on Thursday. Then the swell started easing and wave size dropped to very mellow and user friendly fun surf at our sand bottom beach break down from Blue Surf Sanctuary. All through the week conditions were mostly clean and weather predominantly nice with quite a lot of sunshine and warm water as usual. The main swell this week that peaked on Thursday was very lully with long but worthy waits for the sets.

Santa Teresa Surf on Monday:

new SW swell that started filling in on Sunday peaked on Monday and surf was excellent in the morning at the beach break upfront Blue Surf Sanctuary and other Santa Teresa surf spots. Clean conditions and many open barrels will spit you out after a short but deep tube ride! Nice weather, with a few clouds and sporadic sunshine.

Santa Teresa Surf on Tuesday:

In Santa Teresa Surf was good. Waves got a bit smaller as swell eased. Conditions were nice in the morning in Playa Hermosa, the beach break footsteps from our Blue Surf House. Fun open rides and many good playful waves. Clean sunny weather during the day. Conditions were more messy in the afternoon before the rain came in at night.

Santa Teresa Surf on Wednesday:

New SW swell filled in further through the day with shoulder-head high surf at exposed breaks and sets going a 1-2′ overhead at top spots. At the beach break upfront Blue Surf Sanctuary in Santa Teresa surf was very good in the morning. Clean conditions and lots of waves opening left and right.

Santa Teresa Surf on Thursday:

Overcast skies in this region of Costa Rica. Santa Teresa Surf was very good with head high to slightly overhead waves at the beach break upfront Blue Surf Sanctuary hotel. Fun and very good morning session with lots of playful rides.

Santa Teresa Surf on Friday:

Swell started to ease in Santa Teresa surf got smaller but still some sporadic nice head high sets will sneak in. Clean and glassy conditions in the morning at the beach break down from our Blue Surf House in Playa Hermosa.

Surf on Saturday:

Waves started to get smaller and Santa Teresa surf was still fun and full of nice rides. Nice and clean conditions and many short but good waves rolled at the sand bottom beach break upfront Blue Surf Sanctuary hotel.

Surf on Sunday:

Surf was still mellow in Santa Teresa, with waist to chest high waves at our beach break down from Blue Surf Sanctuary. Nice and clean conditions for the most part of the day and very user friendly surf in Santa Teresa.

Costa Rica Surf Report brought to you by Blue Surf Adventures. From Playa Santa Teresa, Mal Pais, Costa Rica.

Pura Vida!


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