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FAQs – Surfing in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica and at the Blue Surf Sanctuary Hotel


Surfing in Costa Rica

Surfing in Costa Rica

Where can we rent surfboards/boogie boards?
We rent both surfboards and boogie boards at the Blue Surf Sanctuary Hotel. We rent surfboards for $15-day and boogie boards for $10-day. If you decide to take a surf lesson with us, full-day usage of our boards is included in your lesson rate.

What is the student/teacher ratio during surf lessons?  
Depending on your surf package, the student/teacher ration is either 1:1 or 2:1.

Will all of the surfing be done in front of Blue Surf, or will it move to different breaks depending on conditions and the day? 
Most of the surf lessons are done in front of the Blue Surf Hotel however some surf lessons are also done at the neighbouring Hermosa Beach. If you are interested in moving to different breaks for your lessons, please let us know. Transport is not included in the lesson rate but it can easily be arranged for you.

Is the surf in Santa Teresa beach break, or rocky?
Santa Teresa is primarily really fun beach break for all levels of surfers. It is a long sandy beach with many peaks breaking all along the entire beach. For more advanced surfers, there is also a rocky point break called ‘Suck Rock’ at the northern end of the Santa Teresa beach, right out in front of the Blue Surf Sanctuary Hotel. All of our lessons are done in the sand beach break unless you are taking an advanced lesson and you wish to surf ‘Suck Rock’.

Can we have pictures taken of our lessons?
Yes, if you would like to have photos taken of you during your lesson, we can easily arrange this for you however, it is not included in our regular lesson rate. Some of our surf camp packages include surf photography.

Do the teachers do any video analysis?
Yes, our teachers can do video analysis however, this is not included in our regular lesson rate. Some of the surf camp packages include video analysis.

How does the surfing/ safety/ ease in Santa Teresa compare to surfing in other areas of Costa Rica. 
The surf in Santa Teresa is consistent and there is surf here almost every day out of the year. There are several different breaks in the area that appeal to all levels of surfers. There is every day beach break and several great point breaks for when the swell gets really big. It is a great place for beginners to learn to surf and it has a lot of variety for more advanced surfers as well.

Is Santa Teresa a good place for beginners and kids? 
Absolutely!! Santa Teresa is a great place to learn how to surf. At low tide, the white water rolls in nicely and the conditions are great for learning. Many people vacation at our hotel every year to learn how to surf.

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