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Costa Rica Surf Report

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Costa Rica Surf School


This is Toro from Blue Surf Adventures Costa Rica Surf School with your Santa Teresa Surf Report for this week. This is the surf report for Santa Teresa and nearby breaks Playa Hermosa, Playa Carmen and Mal Pais, located in the South Nicoya Peninsula in the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.

This past week, May 29th / June 5th, surf was strong and for times a bit to unorganized and messy. Stormy weather and lots of rain poured down this week. Most significant swell peaked on Wednesday with sets reaching double overhead high at exposed reef breaks. Direction was good but local weather didn’t helped the surf much. Still there were many very good waves to be caught and not many surfers out. The point break out from our Costa Rica Surf School worked very good a couple times and almost anyone paddled out. Surf got smaller by the end of the week every time more gentler and mellow.

Monday: Good surf in Santa Teresa and nearby breaks. Waves were on the chest to shoulder high range at the beach break upfront Blue Surf Sanctuary Costa Rica Surf School. We went surfing to a right handed point break near Cabuya and Montezuma. There was still some old S swell and we got knee to waist high waves pealing all the way in. Very fun session and certainly worth the drive!

Tuesday: Building SW/SSW swell on the rise through the day, was topping out in the afternoon through Wednesday morning. As the swell peaked, we had head high surf at many breaks, with good spots running from a couple to a few feet overhead on sets. Select standouts were even larger.

Wednesday: New SW Swell filled in and waves were reaching overhead ad a half at the right handed point break upfront Blue Surf Sanctuary Hotel and Costa Rica Surf School. However the conditions were not helping and the storm that we had overnight had really affected the water. We got some better surf later when the conditions went normal.

Thursday: Good surf in Santa Teresa with waves on the head to slightly overhead high range. Conditions were clean both in the morning as in the afternoon. Very good long rides at the beach break in Playa Carmen, 10 min drive away from our Costa Rica Surf School.

Friday: SW swell fading and surf stated getting smaller as the day went by. Rough messy conditions in the morning got cleaner later for a very fun surf in the afternoon at the beach break upfront Blue Surf Sanctuary Costa Rica Surf School.

Saturday: Old SW swell is fading and surf was in the waist to chest high reaching occasionally shoulder high at top spots. Conditions were again messy in the early morning and again it cleaned up for a very fun session at noon and some good waves at our Costa Rica Surf School beach break.

Sunday: Stormy and messy morning in Santa Teresa. Swell continues to ease and waves were in the knee to waist high range. There was still some fun surf at the beach break upfront Blue Surf Sanctuary Costa Rica Surf School.

Costa Rica Surf Report brought to you by Blue Surf Adventures Costa Rica Surf School. From Playa Santa Teresa, Mal Pais.
Pura Vida!


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